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About Lamicolor

For more than forty years, Lamicolor has been a benchmark company at the very forefront of the laminates industry with products that have been developed with tenacity and farsightedness in national and international markets.

Lamicolor is a leading company, orientated towards research and development into new technologies, thanks to its production flexibility and to the professional skills of more than one hundred employees.

Every item from Lamicolor complies with the most stringent UK and international standards, which guarantees that it is not only an advanced product in terms of technology and style, but also safe and reliable from every viewpoint. The range of LamcoHPL laminates from Lamicolor is complete when it comes to products and sizes as well as being flexible enough to meet any requirement – no matter how different.


Lamicolor UK Colours Collection

To see examples of our laminates please see our Colours page. Complete our swatch form to receive your samples.

Any special enqueries please email

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