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Wood based laminated panels
Specialist HPL Products

ELS Panels have developed into one of the UK’s leading HPL panel manufacturers and loose laminate suppliers. We pride ourselves on providing a versatile approach to the business needs and requirements of our customers.

Over 65 years in the Laminate Industry

Today we import the finest Italian laminates, and bond, fabricate, and trim  them in our own state of the art workshops. At our Shadwell factory we hold stocks of high pressure laminates and the core board. We can bond laminates on to Birch plywood and MDF, as well as Poplar Ply that delivers a weight saving of 30% over standard plywood.

UK Construction Week 2024 London
Promoting Renzapanel and ELS Panels  at the UK's most innovative show at London's ExCel

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2 and 5, Dolphin Business Park, Thetford IP24 2RY, UK

01953 681126

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