Poplar Plywood  "From top European mills for quality and sustainability"

Poplar Ply - Superb quality and lightweight

ELS laminates can be bonded to our own brand of Poplar Ply. Grown on plantations for sustainability, and quality controlled by ELS at every stage, this high quality material is up to 30% lighter than standard ply. Bonding Poplar Plywood with laminate is an exciting alternative to MDF and chipboard giving you a versatile, cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to even the most demanding design requirements.

Our large stocks, facilitating continuity of supply, make it a very creative resource and a very practical proposition.

Composition of Poplar Ply

The outer and inner layers are poplar veneer sheets, finished with a ceiba face. They are symmetrically cross-bonded. The grain of the outer surfaces may be either in the direction of the greater size of the panel (long-grain multiply - Picture 1) or in the direction of the smaller size (cross-grain multiply - Picture 2). In either cases the first size is that of the grain direction. Up to 6 mm. the thickness refers only to plywood panels (Picture 3).

Long-grain multiply


2 Cross-grain multiply




IF 20, E1


about 400 Kg/m3

Classification according to the condition of surfaces

I / II (A / B)

Sizes stocked

mm. 2440 x 1850 (9mm and 12mm only), 2440 x 1220


mm. 3, 6, 9, 12, 14, 18, 24, 36,

other thicknesses on request

Specific use of Poplar Ply

Our poplar plywood is sustainable and helps lessen greenhouse effects caused by high levels of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

This wood is used in a wide range of industrial sectors including the furniture making industry, building industry for door and window frames, packaging industry and many more.  They are also widely used to build caravans, ship cabins, yacht interiors and the toy making industry. Being extremely lightweight, it can be used to build high structural stresses in shop and interior fitting, shipbuilding, vehicle construction, etc. 

If your business involves working on wooden projects and you are looking for hardwood lumber that will work best for you in terms of cost as well as functionality, then poplar plywood will be the best choice.

 to download the data sheet for poplar ply

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